Branding, Design and Website Process

VIP Day Process
Experience a smooth and refined process.

100% focused on one client at a time, VIP Days are ideal for collaborative, quick turnaround. Small projects can be booked as a half day or larger projects can be accommodated by booking multiple days.

Get results quickly.

Each VIP Day is 100% focused on your project only, resulting in high calibre work, completed quickly.

Maintain momentum.

Stuck waiting on a project that's dragging on? VIP Days eliminate the stress and dropped threads of scattered back-and-forth emails over days, weeks or months.

Be involved.

Anxiously hoping things will be how you want them? Participate in the design process and have your needs heard with contact throughout the VIP Day.

Work within your budget.

Worried how much the end result will cost? VIP Days eliminate the financial surprise that often comes with hourly design work.

Save time and energy.

Outgrown DIY? Or just don't have the time, energy or desire? Focus on your running your business instead of fiddling with apps and design layouts.

How It Works


1. Connection

We have a 20-30 minute chat to discuss your business, needs, priorities, project scope and timeline.


2. Booking

After determining the project scope and timeline, we schedule your VIP Days. A 50% deposit (1/2 Day fee) is required for each booked VIP Day.


3. Prep Work

Upon booking, you will receive my branding and website questionnaires and content outline, which must be completed before our first VIP Day.


4. Discovery & Strategy

At the beginning of our first VIP Day, we deep dive into your branding and/or website strategy and review your existing assets.

5. Checkin Calls

Each VIP Day, we have an optional phone or zoom check-in meeting to begin the day and discuss any questions either of us have.

6. VIP Day Work

I work through the project. Depending on the specific tasks, I can do the work "live" while you hang out on the call or I just get started and contact you whenever I have questions or need approvals.

2-4 VIP Day
Branding Process


1. Discovery & Strategy

We begin our first Branding VIP Day with a 60-90 minute call where we deep dive into your business goals, brand values and strategy. We explore imagery, typography (fonts) and colours to represent your brand and develop your language and messaging.


2. Design

Over the next 2-4 days, we design your logo. Second and third days are for icon/symbol brandmarks and fully illustrated logos, as these styles require more work, revisions and variations. Optionally, we may gather or create other brand visuals: illustrations, icons, imagery and graphic elements.


3. Production & Launch

Our last Branding VIP Day is focused on completing the deliverables. The result is a customized Brand Package, which includes brand style guide outlining your brand aesthetic, logos in print and web formats, business card design, social media graphics and a folder of all your brand assets.

Optionally continue onto designing brochures, signage, ad campaigns or other print collateral. I specialize in full brand deployment, maintaining consistency across all marketing channels.

4+ VIP Day
Website Process


1. Discovery & Strategy

We begin our first Website VIP Day with a 60-90 minute call where we deep dive into your website strategy and review your brand assets. If you need photos, this may be the point where we source stock images or arrange custom photography.

Content Wireframe

2. Content Wireframe

We write, edit and polish your text content — factoring in conversion and search engine optimization — and layout pages with content and calls-to-action.


3. Design

A design concept is created based on your strategy, branding, content and functionality — determining the specific layout of user-interface elements.


4. Development

Based on the approved design, your branding is applied to the website and advanced features such as contact forms or e-commerce are built.


5. Launch

After final approvals and launch, pop the bubbly! The result is a beauti-functional website that attracts, informs and converts.

Optionally add e-commerce, email marketing or sales funnels. I specialize in full brand deployment, maintaining consistency across all marketing channels.


I work fast and efficiently, but the amount of work we complete in a day is very dependent on your feedback, requests and attentiveness to our time together.


You must be promptly available via email (at least), but preferably via iMessage or Facebook Messenger, and occasionally by phone or zoom. I recommend that any other decision makers are quickly responsive within the VIP Day as well.

Time Commitment

A VIP Day is defined as up to 6 hours of focused, tracked time within an 8 hour window from 8am to 4pm PST. This gives us both a lunch break and some flexibility with start and end times. Includes check-in and/or wrap-up calls, as needed, within the time window. Consulting via phone or email counts as tracked time.

Deposit & Payment

50% DEPOSIT ($300 + GST = $315) required to book each VIP Day. The remainder is invoiced and due at end of each VIP Day.

PAYMENT accepted via Interac e-transfer.

5% GST applicable to all rates.


You can reschedule or cancel your VIP Days — without penalty — by noon up to one week before your booking. Rescheduling or cancelling with less than one week's notice results in loss of deposit. You may reschedule each VIP Day once. Remember, I am holding that entire day open and focused just for you.


Should I book a half day or full day? Or multiple days?
You are welcome to send me your request by email for review. If it is a larger, more complex project, I may ask to schedule a free 20-30 minute consultation to discuss. If you'd like to just get it on my calendar, just book a single full day to start.

What happens if I book a full day, but we have everything done by lunch?
Awesome! You are only charged for a half day (your deposit). Or you can add another small project or list of tasks to our day.

What happens if we don't get everything done in a day?
We can schedule a second day (or half day) to wrap up our tasks.

What if I want more time to "sleep on it" between initial design and revisions/final approvals?
I recommend scheduling two half days (for a small project) or two full days (for a large project) within the same week or, at most, two weeks apart. This also gives you time if you want to run it by an advisory group.

What if I need to reschedule?
You can reschedule your VIP Session — without penalty — by noon up to one week before your booking. Rescheduling with less than one week's notice results in loss of your deposit. Remember, I am holding that entire time block open and focused just for you.

What if I need to cancel?
VIP Session cancellations made with less than one week's notice result in loss of deposit.

How far in advance do I need to book?
VIP Sessions can be booked from 72 hours to the date (if available) up to 3 months in advance. Check my availability calendar by clicking on the booking buttons:

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