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Laynia Fyn is a Certified Eyelash Extension Artist specializing in lash extensions since 2014.

Laynia approached me via referral from another client, with a new logo and ready for a more professional iteration of her website. Previously using the template website which her online booking service provided, she wanted a unique, custom branded website. I extended her branding with a new mobile-friendly website, custom built on the Wordpress content management system.

Photography: Client / iStock
Logo Designer: Lindsay Celeste
Website CMS: Wordpress
Client Since: 2017

  • custom website design
  • content writing / editing
  • custom branded Wordpress theme
  • responsive / mobile-friendly website
  • search engine optimization
  • domain hosting

Custom branded website design by Caprina Creative for Lashes by Laynia

Responsive mobile-friendly website by Caprina Creative for Lashes by Laynia

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